Short Films Screening as part of ARTSPRING 2017

On Saturday June 17th 2017 there will be a screening of an international program of quirky, unusual, and experimental short films from 16:00 to 19:00 in the Aula. The program will be looped, so that one can come and go as one pleases. So come by and check out some weird, wild, and wonderful film. FREE!


Jenseits des Sees, 14:15 min.
Berthold Bock


Am Arsch der Welt, 10:30 min.
Simon Brückner


The Eater, 2:50 min.
Wally Chung


This is Moving, 2:13 min.
Noah Engel


Moving Pictures
, 2:35 min.
Noah Engel & Spencer Holden


The Same Size as My Living Room, 15:30 min.
Jan Peter Hammer


After Muybridge, 1:12 min.

World On A String, 2:10 min.
Spencer Holden


Slobo & Bob, 17 sec.


Homecoming 1992, 6:00 min.
Eric Schefter

Doors of Perception
, 14:30 min.
Caroline Schwarz